How to Select Distinct / Unique Rows from Excel Tables

Published on 29 Sep, 2019 by Milos Gregor

Another function you can use in the data processing in the Reshape.XL add-in is the Distinct function. This function allows you to select unique rows in your Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, the function removes duplicate table rows.

Using this function is very easy and fast. You insert the Distinct function to your workflow and set its parameters. There are two parameters. Use the first - Select Variables to select the table columns in which you want to search for duplicates. You can select a single column, multiple columns or all columns. Then, using this setting, program search the table for duplicates. If you select all (or none) columns, the add-in will search for complete duplicates - rows that are unique in all variables (columns).

In addition to this parameter, it is possible to define a boolean property - Keep All. If set to FALSE, only the selected columns (in Select Variables property) will be displayed in the resulting table. Thus, the table will contain columns with unique values or unique combinations of values.

If you set the Keep All property to TRUE, all columns from the input table are displayed in the result table. In selected columns will be displayed unique found values. In the others will be listed values that were found as first in the table for that unique record.

Using this feature is very simple and straightforward. An example of its practical use is shown in the following short video tutorial.