The Flip_Vertical function is used for vertical rotation of Excel tables. Function returns a new table, where the first rows of input table will be displayed at the end and last lines at the beginning (vertical rotation).


Function has no additional properties.


Flip Excel Table, Reorder Excel Rows, First to Last, Last to First, Table Flipping, Move Excel Rows, Rearrange Excel Rows, Move Rows, Swap Rows, Reorder Excel Rows, Vertical Reorder in Excel

See Also

Flip_Horizontal, Transpose, Gather, Spread, Arrange


How to Flip Excel Table Vertically

An example of using the Flip_Vertical function is displayed in the following image.

From the example, it is clear that the function is used for vertical flipping of the table, where the first row is displayed at the end of the table, and the last row is shown at the table beginning. As an example, we use the following table. The table includes 4 variables (columns) with 11 records (rows). Our task is to vertically flip the table.

For this purpose, we use the Flip_Vertical function found in the ribbon toolbar tab Reshape.

After clicking on the described button, it will appear in the list of applied functions. If you select the function in the list, no adjustable properties will be displayed in the bottom part of the side panel. Simply press the Run button and the result will be displayed in the table. The table was vertically flipped.

Since the Flip_Vertical is a "reverse" function, if you apply this function to a dataset twice, you get the same result as before functions applications.

Overall, the described function is simple to use, its execution is quick and does not contain any support adjustable properties.