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System.Security.SecurityException: Cannot instal the software

Published on 23 Aug, 2022

Read this post if you get at the installation this error message: "System.Security.SecurityException: Customized functionality in this application will not work because the certificate used to sign the deployment manifest for ReshapeXL or its location is not trusted. Contact your administrator for further assistance."

Online COVID-19 dashboard

Published on 7 Jun, 2020

Some time ago I published an online app for COVID-19 data analysis and visualization.

How to Select Distinct / Unique Rows from Excel Tables

Published on 29 Sep, 2019

Another function you can use in the data processing in the Reshape.XL add-in is the Distinct function. This function allows you to select unique rows in your Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, the function removes duplicate table rows.

How to Complete Missing Cases in Excel Table

Published on 11 Sep, 2019

This post is another very powerful feature of the Reshape.XL add-in - Complete. This function is useful if you want to add missing values to your Excel tables. These can be categorical values as well as continuous values, such as time series or sequences of numerical values. The Complete function also allows you to add missing combinations of multiple variables in your datasets.

4 Interesting Functions for Missing Values Processing in Excel

Published on 21 Aug, 2019

Missing data is very common in our datasets. Their origin may be diverse - measurement drop, data write errors or records removing during the data cleansing process. For some statistical analyzes we need tables without missing data. We need to either remove these incomplete rows, fill in the empty cells, replace them by constant value or select rows with missing data.

How to Separate Column To Rows

Published on 12 Aug, 2019

In Excel, we often separate values from one column into several new ones. Several built-in features or plug-ins can be used for this purpose. The problem arises when you want to separate values from one column (cell) into several consecutive rows - separate_to_rows. This post shows how you can use Reshape.XL add-in.

13 Ways How to Separate Excel Columns

Published on 28 Jul, 2019

One of the most common features we use in Excel is to separate values from one column to multiple. Likewise, this function is often used in other environments (such as programming languages) to prepare input data for further analysis. This article shows you the capabilities that the Reshape.XL interface provides for these purposes.

How to Combine Several Excel Columns into One

Published on 24 Jun, 2019

Combining Excel cells is a fairly frequently used feature. This article introduces the Unite function from the Reshape.XL add-in. This feature makes it easy to quickly combine selected spreadsheet cells.

How to Rename Table Columns

Published on 22 May, 2019

Table columns renaming is easy if you do it directly in a spreadsheet. Different it is inside the Reshape.XL add-in. In a spreadsheet, you click the selected cell and overwrite it.

FAQ: Add-in Subversions and Your License

Published on 12 May, 2019

In this post, I want to inform you about the Reshape.XL add-in subversions and their relationship to the licenses you purchased.

Reshape.XL 1.2 is Available

Published on 28 Apr, 2019

In the download section you can download the new version of the Reshape.XL add-in.

FAQ: Is Reshape.XL an alternative to Power Query?

Published on 15 Apr, 2019

Quite often I get the question of the difference between the Reshape.XL and Power Query add-ins. Both serve the same purpose - more efficient processing of tabular data from your Excel spreadsheets. With both, you can achieve the same results for 95 %. The difference is in their internal architecture, way of working and ease of use.

How to Select and Reorder Excel Data Columns

Published on 8 Apr, 2019

Sometimes it happens that we work with large datasets - datasets that contain tens to hundreds of columns. However, for some analysis or processing steps, we often do not need to see all the columns. We also want to display them in a different order - for example, categorical variables (dimensions) at the beginning and numerical at the end.

2 Interesting Functions For Excel Table Sorting

Published on 1 Apr, 2019

One of the most important spreadsheet functions is to sort table values by selected columns. This post shows you how to sort Excel data within the Reshape.XL add-in using two interesting functions.

Format Variables in Reshape.XL

Published on 20 Mar, 2019

Variable formatting is an important part of the data preparation prior to statistical processing. Automatic conversion and data type recognition in Excel sometimes causes great problems. These problems often resulting in errors at statistical processing. Within the Reshape.XL add-in, the approach to the definition of data types is different.

How to Pivot and Unpivot Excel Data

Published on 14 Mar, 2019

Data pivoting and unpivoting is an important part of data analyst work. In the case of described two steps, it is about tables transformation between “long” and “wide” form. Simply speaking, we want to make rows from multiple columns or (vice versa) to create several new columns from the Key-Value pair of columns.

Reshape.XL 1.1 is Available

Published on 1 Mar, 2019

From now on, you can download and install an updated version of Reshape.XL add-in. This release contains several enhancements that improve and accelerate the use of the add-in.

Process and Summarize Excel Data in Groups

Published on 20 Feb, 2019

If is often the case that we have a larger dataset in Excel that needs to be processed statistically. It is also necessary to carry out this summation (average or sum) on groups that are defined by a categorical variable.

Remove Empty Rows and Columns from Excel Spreadsheet

Published on 13 Feb, 2019

The Reshape.XL add-in has one interesting function  -  Pack. This function is used to remove blank rows or columns.

How to Transpose Excel Table

Published on 7 Feb, 2019

You can transpose the Excel table in three ways - using the Special Insert, the TRANSPOSE function and using the Pivot Tables. However, all these methods have some problem and their use is not straightforward and fast. In the Reshape.XL add-in it is possible to transpose tables very quickly using the Transpose function. In addition to simplicity, this feature brings also some customizability options.

How to Geometrically Flip an Excel Table

Published on 30 Jan, 2019

From graphical programs, we know the function of horizontal and vertical flipping. Similar functionality can also be useful for tables with data. This post introduces Flip_Horizontal and Flip_Vertical functions that you can use within the Reshape.XL add-in.

Add-in User Review

Published on 16 Jan, 2019

On appeared the first user review of the Reshape.XL add-in. Review

Published on 5 Jan, 2019

Add-in Reshape.XL was reviewed by You can read the result in the following text.

FAQ - One License on Several Computers

Published on 14 Nov, 2018

Frequent question from users is if it’s possible to use one license on several computers - e.g. on computer at work and on home notebook. The answer is yes.

Process Your Excel Data Simpler and Faster

Published on 26 Oct, 2018

This month I released new tool. Reshape.XL is a general purpose tool for effective data processing (wrangling) in Excel. This tool is released as a small installable add-in for Excel.

Reshape.XL is Starting

Published on 16 Sep, 2018

Today I begin publicly with the new software project.