How to Separate Column To Rows

Published on 12 Aug, 2019 by Milos Gregor

In Excel, we often separate values from one column into several new ones. Several built-in features or plug-ins can be used for this purpose. The problem arises when you want to separate values from one column (cell) into several consecutive rows - separate_to_rows. This post shows how you can use Reshape.XL add-in.

If you separate values of the selected Excel table column in Reshape.XL add-in, you use the Separate function. This function separate values from one column into multiple new columns. If you want to insert separated values into one column (below each other), use the Separate_To_Rows function.

In its application you select the column from which you want to separate the values and define a separator - string or regular expression that determines the separation. The program then divides the values in the selected column and puts them in column under each other. Values from another table columns are simply copied. The practical use of the described function is shown in the following short video tutorial.

Applying the described function to the dataset is very simple and fast. Similar functionality can be achieved by built-in Excel functionality when using a combination of multiple tools or advanced formulas. In any case, the add-in Reshape.XL allows you to achieve the described result significantly easier and faster. Saved time you can use for more important tasks, such as evaluating the results of your work.