How to Combine Several Excel Columns into One

Published on 24 Jun, 2019 by Milos Gregor

Combining Excel cells is a fairly frequently used feature. This article introduces the Unite function from the Reshape.XL add-in. This feature makes it easy to quickly combine selected spreadsheet cells.

The Unite function is presented in the following video. With this feature, you can quickly and efficiently combine multiple Excel columns. You can use several adjustable parameters that affect the overall result. For example, you can automatically remove input columns or define a separator to be inserted between values from individual cells.

It is also possible to define options when cells are empty in the combined columns - you can define whether the separator value is applied for an empty cell, or the empty cell is skipped.

Function Unite allows you to quickly and efficiently combine columns from an Excel spreadsheet. This connection can be defined by a few clicks and, compared to the basic functionality of Excel, you can easily achieve the desired output.