How to Transpose Excel Table

Published on 7 Feb, 2019 by Milos Gregor

You can transpose the Excel table in three ways - using the Special Insert, the TRANSPOSE function and using the Pivot Tables. However, all these methods have some problem and their use is not straightforward and fast. In the Reshape.XL add-in it is possible to transpose tables very quickly using the Transpose function. In addition to simplicity, this feature brings also some customizability options.

We use the transpose function in Reshape.XL add-in to quickly and easily convert rows to columns and columns to rows. The character of the function is simply displayed in the following figure.


The Transpose function allows you to set 2 properties - Include Header and Create New Header. Using the Include Header property, you can define whether you want to include the names of individual columns to the transposition. Create New Header allows you to use values from the selected row as new variable (column) names.

Simply and quickly, the Transpose function is presented in the following video-tutorial.

As is clear from the video-tutorial, the Transpose function is straightforward, fast and customizable.