Add-in User Review

Published on 16 Jan, 2019 by Milos Gregor

On appeared the first user review of the Reshape.XL add-in.

This review was written by Luka Vucinic (geological engineer - hydrogeologist). You can find complete post here. His text is as follows:

Recently, I’ve received from Miloš Gregor (since I’ve responded to his promotional LinkedIn giveaway post) a full license for new Excel add-in called "Reshape.XL" – a tool for data wrangling and data processing.

I had some experience before with various Excel add-ins and although some were useful to me at some point, I just wasn’t happy with them so I’ve removed most of those add-ins. I don’t want Excel on my computer to be packed with add-ins I rarely use.

I have a lot of large data files, but I remembered that I had one large and very messy dataset.

So I’ve watched a tutorial video that Milos made and in less than 10 minutes I was ready to work on my large, messy and obnoxious dataset. I was amazed how simple this add-in is, how fast I’ve learned how to use it, and how quickly I can do what I need to do regardless of the size of the dataset. Really. This tool will save me so much time in the future and that’s the only reason why I am sharing this on LinkedIn. I believe it can be helpful to so many people.

I absolutely have no obligations to write this, neither Milos asked me to do a review. I just wish that I had this tool a few years ago when I was working as an environmental consultant and when I was getting large and messy data to process regularly and with tight deadlines.

In short, check and see by yourself what this tool can do for you.

Thank you Milos for this gift. I appreciate it now much, much more than at the time when you sent me my license activation key.