Published on 5 Jan, 2019 by Milos Gregor

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You can find a complete review here. Overall, the add-in gained 4 out of 5 stars. Their review is as follows:

Data wrangling add-in for Excel for seamlessly managing data without SQL tools, like cleanup, summarize, format, select, merge and split.

If you frequently work with Microsoft Excel, you are probably interested in a software solution for effortlessly managing data without having to resort to programming tools like SQL managers. In this case, you might want to take a look at Reshape.XL.

It's a data wrangling add-in available for MS Excel only. With its help, you can seamlessly process data, including cleanup, summarize, editing, selecting, formatting, splitting up, uniting, and pivoting, to name but a few operations.

Easily manage data in Excel spreadsheets without SQL tools

The current edition of Reshape.XL works with Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer versions. It's also necessary to have .NET Framework installed. The add-in gets immediately integrated with Excel after setup, so you just have to launch the Office product (restart it if it was already running). The utility adds a new tab to Excel, where you can create datasets for selected cells as well as manage data with the aid of various functions. The data manager gives you the possibility to preview information, clone the input data or results, as well as make modifications.

Seamlessly create datasets and manage information

The editor has numerous data management options that can be explored, which are grouped in reshaping, variables, subsets, mutate, summarize, combine and special categories. For example, when it comes to reshaping, you can instruct the Excel add-in to group, ungroup, gather, spread, transpose, flip horizontally or vertically, row to header, header to row or pack data from cells.

As far as variables are concerned, you can convert them into another format and select them by name, as well as reorder, arrange, rename, complete, unite or separate them. Special operations are available for numeric and string, categories and date/time, like calculating exponential functions or locating defined patterns within strings.

Taking into account its intuitive interface and multitude of practical options, Reshape.XL should meet the requirements of users interested in a simpler solution for managing Microsoft Excel data. We haven't come across any issues during runtime in our tests.