Your Benefits

The Reshape.XL add-in is based on three basic facts I meet on daily basis:

  • data preparation (cleaning, transformation to the required form and summarization) takes up 80 % of the time spent with the data
  • in the real word 90 % of the data is stored in Excel files
  • we get the data for processing in complete form only at the end of the projects and there is very little time for processing

As a result, the time for analysis is inadequate, people work under stress and in the end, we never use the full potential hidden in our data. In this case, it is advisable to shorten some steps. An ideal case for increasing efficiency is to speed up and streamline the data preparation steps. Exactly on this fact responds new Excel add-in Reshape.XL.

The add-in brings in the visual interface the functionality, which has been used only by programmers through the languages such as R, SQL, Python or VBA. If your work is based on data processing in Excel, you can save hundreds of hours a year with this add-in. As the biggest benefits can be considered:

  • easy installation
  • very simple and intuitive user interface
  • data processing and analyses are based on the “Grammar of Data”
  • no need of additional software or processing frameworks
  • simple data transfer between Excel spreadsheet and add-in
  • deep integration into the Excel environment
  • fast definition of processing steps
  • no programming, no complicated formulas
  • “all-in-one” - one environment for data cleaning, reshaping, pivoting, combining, editing, filtering, grouping and summarizing

Add-in Reshape.XL brings you a different approach to working with data. This approach is taken from the most up-to-date data science tools. The difference between these tools and described add-in is its integration into the well-known Excel interface. It takes minutes to understand the workflow in the add-in. If you try to use it and you recognize its strengths, you will want to add it right away to your set of daily used tools. This add-in also replaces in one interface the functionality of multiple tools such as Excel formulas, VLOOKUP, Power Query, Power Pivot and other specialized external tools.